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2101573, lol :)
Posted by jorge123, Tue Jan-01-13 07:54 PM
>And HIS success is what made people realize you
>could apply it successfully to rookie QBs in the
>New excuse.

Damn dude, your so overprotective of Cam that you are bringing him into conversations where he is not even relevant. Cam is a great QB. How exactly is he relevant in a conversation about Russell Wilson's offense using the pistol formation?

What is it about this photo that gets you frothing at the mouth, reaching for your Cam Newton action figure?


Cam Newton can influence Wilson all he wants. The fact of the matter is RG3 influenced Wilson as well, and in a direct competition that counts for something. I don't see any evidence of the Redskins incorporating anything from the Seahawks' offense into their own.

Read this headline. God damn.


>Oh and the Redskins sucked dogshit about 9 games.
>Looks like BOTH the Seahawks AND Sk*ns improved the
>second half of the season.

Please watch actual games before posting.

Points Per Game During Redskins "Dog Shit" 9 Games: 25.1
Seattle's Points Per Game For Entire Year: 25.8

The Skins' turnaround was due more to the defense improving from an abysmal 27 points given up per game to a respectable 20 points per game. The offense was always above average - to - outstanding. I guess Griffin should have played safety as well?

What's your next excuse. We've gone through the Kirk Cousins, the Alfred Morris, and now the Cam Newton (???) arguments. What else you got?