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Topic subjectRE: Who's Getting Hardware? (NFL Awards)
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2101277, RE: Who's Getting Hardware? (NFL Awards)
Posted by ChampD1012, Mon Dec-31-12 10:59 PM
>This is arguably the toughest year I can remember to judge
All Day. He convinced me on Sunday.

Bruce Arians...tough one really. A lot of debate here.
Overall: Russell Wilson
Offensive: RG3
Defensive: Luke Kuechly

>Comeback POY?
Thomas Davis. I know Peyton or AD is gonna win it but Davis is the first player in NFL History to tear his ACL three times in the same knee and play the full season. And he had a pretty good year.

>Offensive-Defensive players?
Offensive: Peyton Manning
Defensive: JJ Watt
>Let's lighten up this black Monday (although for some reason
>this black monday feels pretty funny)