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Topic subjectI'm not debating those guys are better than Frazier
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2101159, I'm not debating those guys are better than Frazier
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Mon Dec-31-12 05:04 PM
(I even pointed out I wouldn't be upset if Frazier gets it because he is definitely in the discussion). I never said any of those guys you mentioned should win the COY so I'm not sure why you brought them up. And since you mentioned them, a couple of tidbits:

John Fox managed to almost win a SB and enjoy a ton of success with Delhomme as his QB.
McCarthy transformed GB into an offensive juggernaut and managed to make Mike Flynn look like a mutli-million dollar QB
Sean Peyton looking better and better given the Saints abysmal year with a healthy Drew Brees at that

Again, some of you guys are taking this too serious. I'm cool with Frazier - I wish the Eagles could get him back. I just think Marvin's done more with less imo.

EDIT: Just to add. You're really twisting my words bc I never said Frazier should be excluded or not deserving of the award. I just posed a question of how deserving he is of the award given how much of his team's success is dependent on one guy. Yes, you could say the same about several other coach/superstar combos in the NFL. I get that totally.