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Topic subjectSystem doesn't matter if the end results play out
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2101118, System doesn't matter if the end results play out
Posted by Dae021, Mon Dec-31-12 04:18 PM
Griff's stats are slightly better than Wilson, but he has more running yards.

I know your agenda is that Griff isn't that important but you're letting that agenda blind you. As much as Griff's success is set up by Morris, First Round Talent Al's success is equally set up by Griff. Griff is the ROY to me, but i'm biased as a Skins fan and i'm ok with with that.

I love Wilson and have been riding for that dude since he was at NC state so if he wins I wouldn't be mad (as long as its not LUCK).

You point to Cousins' one game and say oh look they had success even when RG wasn't there, but dude has killed all year long. Broke the rookie rushing record for a qb, and won a division title in his first year. This team is built around him and his skillset, he's performed all year and he's won.