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Topic subjectNah, RG3 played fewer games, that has to factor in.
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2101110, Nah, RG3 played fewer games, that has to factor in.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Mon Dec-31-12 04:00 PM

>I think it's close with just passing yards, with RGIII at a
>hair-width overall advantage, but the rushing yards give it to
>RGIII, in my opinion.

Kurt Cousins balling out when RG3 was out sort of tips us off
that it might also be the system

Also, let's remember that the whole Redsk*ns system was
in place to maximize RG3's skill set

Russel 3X had to STEAL the job from someone else in training
camp. HE HAD TO ADJUST to the system. The system changed
as the season progressed, which further shows how much
better Russell was. He adapted more.


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