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Topic subjectWhy is Frazier so desrving of COY if AD is doing all the work???
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2101086, Why is Frazier so desrving of COY if AD is doing all the work???
Posted by Mignight Maruder, Mon Dec-31-12 03:11 PM
I like Frazier a lot - especially given that he's a former Eagle, but I'm not sold on him being the COY when that team's success is so dependent on one individual player.

>This is arguably the toughest year I can remember to judge
It's extremely hard to pick between Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning. Honestly, I'd split it between them ala Favre/Sanders back in the day.


Another tough one. Honestly, I like what Marvin Lewis has done a lot. He done a phenomenal job of developing young guys who many discarded as being headcases/overrated (Carlos Dunlap, Vontaze Burfinct, Geno Atkins). Those guys mentioned are playing outstanding football. Marvin's gotten a lot out of castaway aging vets like Pacman Jones and Terrence Newman. If you look at the roster on paper, he's done an exceptional job of getting the most out of his players.

Just want to give a shout out to some exceptional rookies - LB Bobby Wagner (arguably playing LB as good as anyone in the NFL), LB Lavonte David, MLB Luke Keuchly, S Harrison Smith, CB Casey Hayward, RB Dough Martin and Alfred Morris, OL Matt Kalil and then obviously the trio of outstanding QBs. I'm pretty torn between Russell Wilson and RGIII. RGIII might throw for more yards and make more spectacular plays, but what I love about Russell Wilson is his effectiveness in the redzone.

Very, very tough choice, but I'm rolling with RGIII.

>Comeback POY?
Obviously Peyton Manning

>Offensive-Defensive players?
Offensive Player of the year: Adrian Peterson

Defensive Player of the year: tough choice for me, but I give JJ Watt the slight edge over Von Miller.

>Let's lighten up this black Monday (although for some reason
>this black monday feels pretty funny)