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Topic subject3rd and 23? WTF @ Texans vs Colts
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2100049, 3rd and 23? WTF @ Texans vs Colts
Posted by Lach, Sun Dec-30-12 03:36 PM
2100068, Andrew Luck, ROY.
Posted by vik, Sun Dec-30-12 03:51 PM
Respect to Bob and Wilson but nah.
2100072, wilson, RGIII, Luck imo
Posted by justin_scott, Sun Dec-30-12 03:56 PM
in that order.
2100115, lulz. Barely above 50% completions, only 5 more TD's than Ints
Posted by micMajestic, Sun Dec-30-12 04:26 PM
>Respect to Bob and Wilson but nah.

No. He's had a fantastic season but the numbers aren't there.
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2100153, 11-5, only numbers that matter
Posted by Szabo, Sun Dec-30-12 05:24 PM
2100833, Seattle is also 11-5 and *skins 10-6
Posted by The Real, Mon Dec-31-12 08:07 AM
So not sure that argument holds much water when trying to distinguish between who should be ROY.


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2100069, extremely disappointing.
Posted by Binlahab, Sun Dec-30-12 03:53 PM
to be 12-4 i have NO faith in this team @ this point right now

do or die
2100073, http://board.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=8&topic_id=2097823&mesg_id=2097823&page=2
Posted by vik, Sun Dec-30-12 03:57 PM
2100074, reading comprehension takes L after L after L nm
Posted by Binlahab, Sun Dec-30-12 03:59 PM

do or die
2100092, #8hunna
Posted by vik, Sun Dec-30-12 04:08 PM
2100093, Dat LLac
Posted by bshelly, Sun Dec-30-12 04:08 PM
2100133, Where do you begin with this team?
Posted by Ownzdacourt, Sun Dec-30-12 05:03 PM
Schaub the noodle arm sucks. And we gave him a huge contract after game 1?

It's sad we have to rely on our defense many times to get the offense going. Team is only built to keep leads.. not coming back from behind.

We STILL don't have quality receiver that help AJ.

Special Teams is a joke. Holding on a touchback... lol

Kubiak, where do I begin?

Ever since Cushing left, the defense is not as strong.

2100142, Remember when Schaub was elite?
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Dec-30-12 05:13 PM
2100149, *looks at Pro Bowl roster*
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Sun Dec-30-12 05:18 PM
2100147, even still I wouldn't count out the Texans
Posted by Lach, Sun Dec-30-12 05:17 PM
I think they've just been psychologically on cruise mode for weeks.
2100150, naw if you cant get up to seal homefield & a week off...@ home
Posted by Binlahab, Sun Dec-30-12 05:19 PM
against the fucking vikings who literally have 1 good player

theres no excuses

they shit the bed

its a habit in houston pro sports sadly

do or die
2100682, 0-11.
Posted by will_5198, Sun Dec-30-12 11:32 PM
lmao, can't wait to see Houston not do shit again this postseason