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Topic subjectNFL non-playoff teams cry me a river post
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2099893, NFL non-playoff teams cry me a river post
Posted by Swol_Belly, Sun Dec-30-12 11:09 AM
Obviously today is the Panthers last game....which makes me kinda sad but their disappointing play during the season takes the cake so I'm bout to cry me a river.

I blame our rough start to our tough schedule. If we had the Falcon first 6 game schedule we would have started 3-3 opposed to 1-5.

Read option. It doesn't work on all teams. If it doesn't work don't force it.

Should have brought Shockey back. We did great with a 2 TE set. Olsen and Shockey help develop Cam mid field game at the same time increased Steve Smith production.

Did not utilize our running back properly. Line up I-formation and power run.

Offensive coordinate Chud. He was out thinking himself. He tried to do to much to soon.

The Panthers Team.....consistently incosistent. The defense does great but the offense does terrible. The offense does great but the defense does terrible.

O-line injuries/ not playing discipline. False start!!!!!

Cam Newton. It is your job to take care of the football. Its sad because Cam have to have a perfect game if not Panthers don't stand a chance at winnning. Against the Raiders was the first game the Panthers won with Cam having 1 int.

Ron Rivera. At times looked clueless. Show some passion damnit and fire your team up.

Now cry me a river!!!!!