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Topic subjectNFL non-playoff teams cry me a river post
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2099893, NFL non-playoff teams cry me a river post
Posted by Swol_Belly, Sun Dec-30-12 11:09 AM
Obviously today is the Panthers last game....which makes me kinda sad but their disappointing play during the season takes the cake so I'm bout to cry me a river.

I blame our rough start to our tough schedule. If we had the Falcon first 6 game schedule we would have started 3-3 opposed to 1-5.

Read option. It doesn't work on all teams. If it doesn't work don't force it.

Should have brought Shockey back. We did great with a 2 TE set. Olsen and Shockey help develop Cam mid field game at the same time increased Steve Smith production.

Did not utilize our running back properly. Line up I-formation and power run.

Offensive coordinate Chud. He was out thinking himself. He tried to do to much to soon.

The Panthers Team.....consistently incosistent. The defense does great but the offense does terrible. The offense does great but the defense does terrible.

O-line injuries/ not playing discipline. False start!!!!!

Cam Newton. It is your job to take care of the football. Its sad because Cam have to have a perfect game if not Panthers don't stand a chance at winnning. Against the Raiders was the first game the Panthers won with Cam having 1 int.

Ron Rivera. At times looked clueless. Show some passion damnit and fire your team up.

Now cry me a river!!!!!

2100009, When the Bears win... the PARTY begins.
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Dec-30-12 02:39 PM
Best shitty season ever coming up in a half of football...
2100060, eagles got trent edwards in. i'm playing borderlands.
Posted by poetx, Sun Dec-30-12 03:43 PM

peace & blessings,



** i move away from the mic to breathe in
2100775, G-Ants & Cowhoes not going to the playoffs = EPIC Shitty season
Posted by mtbatol, Mon Dec-31-12 01:05 AM
And we got #4 pick in draft?


2100849, and next season = NO ANDYBALL
Posted by Dr Claw, Mon Dec-31-12 09:08 AM
2100085, i am a man of constant sorrow. fuck the giants, though.
Posted by bshelly, Sun Dec-30-12 04:04 PM
2100088, Shameful end. Let the scrub fans stone throwing commence nm.
Posted by RaFromQueens, Sun Dec-30-12 04:06 PM
2100090, Eagerly awaiting Gene Smith's firing.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Dec-30-12 04:07 PM
2100108, Eh...some questions on O. Ben needs to stay healthy.
Posted by Buck, Sun Dec-30-12 04:20 PM
2100111, Mark Sanchez Is Our Starting QB
Posted by RexLongfellow, Sun Dec-30-12 04:21 PM
He MIGHT be our starting QB next season because of his contract
Nuff said
2100158, No other fanbase topping this
Posted by Starks dunked on Bulls, Sun Dec-30-12 05:31 PM
>He MIGHT be our starting QB next season because of his
>Nuff said
2100492, Arizona fan base disagree
Posted by Swol_Belly, Sun Dec-30-12 09:22 PM
Who is their quarterback??
2100515, and Jax may have Tebow next year
Posted by go mack, Sun Dec-30-12 09:37 PM
altho giving 28 pts in 5 mins today or whatever it was cant do worse I suppose
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Sun Dec-30-12 09:29 PM
2100525, !!!TOP 5 DRAFT PICK BITCHES!!!
Posted by mtbatol, Sun Dec-30-12 09:46 PM
2100527, titans won too many games
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Dec-30-12 09:48 PM
if youre gonna suck then suck.
2100758, Lovie Smith has coached the Bears for 9 seasons
Posted by Virgenes Corazon, Mon Dec-31-12 12:41 AM
In order to maintain in the best division in football, the Bears need a coach with a better appreciation of the offensive side of the ball. Lovie has gotten away with flying blind too long.
2100917, uhh...CANNED
Posted by tully_blanchard, Mon Dec-31-12 11:13 AM

for house goodness:



ahhh, why the hell not:
2100764, I'm so torn on Tony Romo....
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Dec-31-12 12:54 AM
I can def. see both sides of the argument, but I honestly feel like dude can still be that guy for us. I just keep wondering...what if he had a real o line? What if we had actual safeties that helped the team instead of hurting it. As far as Garrett...fuck him. Just not a smart coach...he lost us games this year. It's not even arguable. Terrible playcaller, too.
2100813, Draft order
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Dec-31-12 03:04 AM

1 Kansas City 2 14 0.516
2 Jacksonville 2 14 0.539
3 Oakland 4 12 0.469
4 Philadelphia 4 12 0.508
5 Detroit 4 12 0.566
6 Cleveland 5 11 0.508
7 Arizona 5 11 0.559
8 Buffalo 6 10 0.480
9 NY Jets 6 10 0.512
10 Tennessee 6 10 0.512
11 San Diego 7 9 0.457
12 Miami 7 9 0.500
13 Tampa Bay 7 9 0.502
14 Carolina 7 9 0.516
15 New Orleans 7 9 0.521
16 St. Louis 7 8 1 0.539
17 Pittsburgh 8 8 0.465
18 Dallas 8 8 0.523
19 NY Giants 9 7 0.521
20 Chicago 10 6 0.512
2100815, I hate Ryan Firzpatrick.
Posted by im_freshhh, Mon Dec-31-12 03:38 AM
That is all.
2100987, it's not his fault they built around him
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Dec-31-12 12:23 PM
he was always a marginal starter at best.
2100896, i'm still trippin on the "trade #34" talk
Posted by tully_blanchard, Mon Dec-31-12 10:55 AM
when #28 cant stay on the field..boggles the mind..

for house goodness:



ahhh, why the hell not:
2101291, 28 is the better running back
Posted by ChampD1012, Mon Dec-31-12 11:44 PM
I rather them trade 34 than release him outright which is what will happen unless 34 restructures his deal.

The Daily Show should have gotten paid before DWill. Damn Marty Hurney
2100901, Goodbye season. Scr*bs gonna have PROBLEMS with Seahawks
Posted by T Reynolds, Mon Dec-31-12 10:59 AM
next week
2100910, keep hope alive
Posted by Awburn, Mon Dec-31-12 11:08 AM

"To face that guy twice a year is going to be a headache…He takes away from your enthusiasm for the game a little bit." Justin Tuck on RG3
2101302, Giants wont have any problems next week
Posted by AlBundy, Tue Jan-01-13 12:43 AM

“The other dude after me didn’t help my case. It was just like…crazy nigga factory going on.”
Dre makes no apologies for his own eccentricities. “I was young, and searching, trying to find myself,” he says. “Never did.”-- Andre B
2101325, Matt Stafford sucks.
Posted by guru0509, Tue Jan-01-13 11:17 AM
Our cornerbacks suck.

Our coaches are dumb.

Megatron will go down as one of the greats despite all this.