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Topic subjectGet theee fuck outta here with that bullshit
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2099797, Get theee fuck outta here with that bullshit
Posted by guru0509, Sat Dec-29-12 07:44 PM
>pryor has looked medicore so far. there is nothing there
>saying 'put that man on the field, he could be the next
>RGIII/Russel Wilson/etc'. its more 'well, fuck it, he can't
>be any worse than matt lienart'.

Yes because he's had sooo many reps with the first team offense this season right?

All those valuable game time snaps and he's proven himself to be mediocre...?

Lol, some of you people...I swear

>mckenzie has a shit ton of work to do. i was hopeful when he
>came aboard, but shit looks bleak right now. he inherited an
>al davis/hue jackson train wreck.

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