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Topic subjectcome on now, King ain't shit
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2102193, come on now, King ain't shit
Posted by Beamer6178, Wed Jan-02-13 05:54 PM
>I think my favorite parts of this idiocy were:
>- somehow holding it against RG3 that they have a system fully
>tailored to his abilities
>- attempting statistical analysis of which QB can make better
>throws with better variety
>King is much better when he's evaluating who leads the league
>in toughness and likability.
>Seattle is a coffee town. If King has just said, "I like
>Russell, because Seattle coffee", I would have accepted that.
>Russell is having one of the best rookie seasons in league
>RG3's is better.
>400 more yards in one less game, 7 turnovers to RW's 13, 1.8
>TDs per game to RW's 1.875 TDs per game.
>And one less win despite having a terrible defense where
>Seattle's is one of the best in the league.
he was using someone else's analysis, not his own.

and yeah, you can shape things to fit your particular argument, and ignore compelling counter-points but the reality is, either of them would be a great ROY selection and are clearly above Luck. and except for you and some others, most wouldn't be MAD if Russ won.