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2102119, lol @ Peter King
Posted by smutsboy, Wed Jan-02-13 03:45 PM
I think my favorite parts of this idiocy were:

- somehow holding it against RG3 that they have a system fully tailored to his abilities

- attempting statistical analysis of which QB can make better throws with better variety

King is much better when he's evaluating who leads the league in toughness and likability.

Seattle is a coffee town. If King has just said, "I like Russell, because Seattle coffee", I would have accepted that.

Russell is having one of the best rookie seasons in league history.

RG3's is better.

400 more yards in one less game, 7 turnovers to RW's 13, 1.8 TDs per game to RW's 1.875 TDs per game.

And one less win despite having a terrible defense where Seattle's is one of the best in the league.