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Topic subjectYou think I made this post to "complain to OKP"?
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2098429, You think I made this post to "complain to OKP"?
Posted by micMajestic, Wed Dec-26-12 02:21 PM
>because you're wasting complaints posting to an OKP
>contingent that mostly agrees with you. the point about Reggie
>Wayne is pretty reductive if you're advocating Wilson, though
>(overall, he has much better offensive and defensive

I understand as a Colts fan this post might get under your skin a little, but I feel like this discussion needs to start now. I have little to no interest in local sports radio, so this would be the logical place to start the discussion. First and foremost I had an opinion (that the real debate is RGIII vs. Wilson) and I wanted to see if there was anything that I was ignorant to. Let's not understate the intelligence & the reach of the OKP Sports board. Things are borrowed from here and taken to a larger platform all the time.

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