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Topic subjectLet's suppose all three teams end up making the playoffs.
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2098275, Let's suppose all three teams end up making the playoffs.
Posted by micMajestic, Wed Dec-26-12 12:31 AM
That will mean their W-L records are essentially a wash. All three teams will have gone from sub .500 seasons to the playoffs with a rookie QB. Of those three QB's, one is ranked 2nd in passer rating, another is ranked 7th in passer rating, and the third is ranked 29th (ouch). Of course passer rating doesn't tell the whole tale as we all know Luck is having a great season. Still it's always been regarded as a reasonably respectable measure of QB efficiency. How can you justify leap-frogging the 29th ranked guy over numbers 2 & 7? His completion percentage is markedly lower than the other two guys. And for all this talk about "doing it all by himself", he's the only one of the three that is throwing to a Pro Bowl caliber receiver.

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