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Topic subjectthe 2011 team lost about six starters from 2010
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2098034, the 2011 team lost about six starters from 2010
Posted by will_5198, Tue Dec-25-12 04:35 PM
(not including NSP). it's definitely not the same team as 2011 at all, and the coaching has played a big part of things (especially on special teams and defensively).

offensively, the rookies have been huge: Vick Ballard, T.Y. Hilton and Dwayne Allen have all made big contributions, and Coby Fleener and Lavon Brazill added needed depth. Donnie Avery is back from the dead and Reggie Wayne is having his finest season ever (to me, he's the team MVP right now).

Cory Redding was an amazing pick-up defensively, and some other FA guys have made horrible positions decent. still...this team has a ton of holes: despite playing a weak schedule, the Colts are dead last in takeaways, 28th in sacks and 21st in points allowed. Philly rejects Winston Justice and Mike McGlynn are Indy's starters on the right side.

even discounting 2011 entirely, Luck deserves credit for shouldering an offense without a consistent running game and tons of rookies. Indy's total offense is a byproduct of volume, but to me the most impressive stat is Luck's 9th ranked conversion rate on 3rd downs...barely behind Aaron Rodgers.