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Topic subjectthe roster was inherently flawed
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2097804, the roster was inherently flawed
Posted by will_5198, Mon Dec-24-12 03:07 PM
and that was mostly on Polian, who had gotten away with a string of bad drafts because certain veterans were still in their prime. last season was his "2008 financial crisis", his house of cards coming down with a single neck surgery.

whether Irsay threatened to break Jim Caldwell's legs or not, there was not much the Colts could have done to improve their 2011 performance. and if you truly believe Irsay was forcefully tanking, then inserting Dan Orlovsky (a bad, but better than Painter quarterback) for the last third of the season was a curious move -- since the Vikings and Rams could've still passed the Colts in drafting order.

I agree that Luck is not working with the same team at all, as it's been more like a 70 percent turnover in roster and a new coaching staff.