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Topic subjectI already entertained it with a rational discussion
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2097793, I already entertained it with a rational discussion
Posted by will_5198, Mon Dec-24-12 02:33 PM
and you couldn't come up with a sensible reply

so again, tell me how Curtis Painter was responsible for the following:

- 29th ranked rushing defense
- 30th in team sacks
- 32nd in interceptions forced
- 32nd in kickoff coverage
- 32nd in kickoff returns
- 103.9 rating allowed to opposing quarterbacks (Peyton Manning's 2012 quarterback rating: 103.7)
- 71.2 completion percentage allowed (worst in NFL history, breaking the record held by the winless 2008 Detroit Lions)
- 62 points allowed to the New Orleans Saints, the most points scored by a team since the AFL/NFL merger 41 years prior
- 9 starters are either out of the NFL completely, or have not played a single snap as back-ups with their new teams

Painter was polishing the brass on the Titanic (c)

say whatever you want about RG3 or Luck...but sitting here and telling me the 2011 Indianapolis Colts were actually a decent team -- just so you can pump-up a dimwitted, Skip Bayless agenda -- is the work of an idiot