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2097718, Like this?
Posted by jorge123, Mon Dec-24-12 11:47 AM
>Not that's handy, but a better stat is "would-be" GW drives in
>last 2 minutes or whatever.
>If your shitty ass defense gives up a touchdown in 30 seconds
>(coughcough WAS/NYG Gm1), that's not the QBs fault.

"JAGUARS 22, COLTS 17: Blaine Gabbert hooked up with Cecil Shorts III on an 80-yard touchdown pass with 45 seconds left. Luck, who led the Colts (1-2) on a last-minute game-winning drive last week, nearly did it again Sunday twice."

Dude, at least MILDLY familiarize yourself with the other contestants in the race before acting like your opinion is the sole possible perspective. It's embarrassing to the rest of us skins fans. RG3 is probably the right OROY recipient and Luck absolutely does not deserve it this year, but at least have an informed opinion instead of watching your own player and reading the other candidates' stat lines.