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Topic subjectthis post bleeds Alex Smith or whatever you're on about.
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2097702, this post bleeds Alex Smith or whatever you're on about.
Posted by smutsboy, Mon Dec-24-12 11:18 AM

>>Cool, RG 3 has almost 600 more total yards.
>You can't just Cuban B this shit like TDs aren't more valuable
>than yards. I don't even need to make an analogy of this
>shit. TDs=points. Yards=fantasy football points.

First of all, I wasn't making that argument. I was offering a counter-point. I can explain this concept further if you need me to.

Second of all, the idea that yards aren't an indicator of offensive contribution is a joke.

BOTH TDs and yards matter. Otherwise goal line backs would get paid like franchise backs. Strangely they don't, huh?

>>>7th rated passer,
>>10 points lower than RG3, who's second only to A.Rodgers
>>>wins vs dallas, GB, NE, minny, san
>>>fran, and chicago.
>ahhhh so we dismiss that which is a valid argument in favor of
>that which you're not trying to hear

You can only win the games on your schedule. If someone wants to show that SEA faced better DEFENSES, go for it.

But listing off single games as an individual achievement is a joke.

>>Russell Wilson is one of the nicest rookies in a while.
>>There is no case to be made for him over RG3. None.
>oh there's plenty, you just aren't giving any credence to

No, there aren't. That's why you admit you'd vote RG3 too.


Which means SOME THINGS are in Russ' favor.

When you make a CONCLUSION, however, the choice is obvious.

I put the basics of a discussion in all caps. If you need help with any of them, let me know.

>look i get it, he's your hopes and dreams, for the first time
>since who knows when, the franchise has a legitimate shot to
>win every game they play now. and for the record I'd vote for
>RGIII as well, but to act like there's NO WAY Russ should get
>any votes is biased homerism at its finest.

I'd argue that thinking Alex Smith isn't a bust is homerism at it's finest, but neither point is relevant.

RG3 is rookie of the year.

If he had the 6th rated D instead of the 18th rated D, this argument wouldn't even exist.