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Topic subjectIf you don't count RG3, Russell can have it.
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2097621, If you don't count RG3, Russell can have it.
Posted by smutsboy, Sun Dec-23-12 11:42 PM
>Russ is ROY. +60% completions

RG3 is 66% on almost the same number of ATT

>, only 10 ints,

RG3 has 5. And 1 less fumble lost.

>leads rookies

Cool, RG 3 has almost 600 more total yards.

>7th rated passer,

10 points lower than RG3, who's second only to A.Rodgers

>wins vs dallas, GB, NE, minny, san
>fran, and chicago.


Russell Wilson is one of the nicest rookies in a while.

There is no case to be made for him over RG3. None.