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Topic subjectOverall youre a lot richer barring injury
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2094293, Overall youre a lot richer barring injury
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Mon Dec-17-12 09:49 AM
Its kinda like the move I made when I traded Mo williams but I quickly realized how much more thin my roster was if one of my guards got injured.

So now I have stuckey sitting at the end of my bench which makes one of my guards expendable...but if one of them gets hurt..its trouble

>having ghill was a luxury (until dwillz or parker gets hurt)
>he was my best trade chip so i'm glad i could net vale/ibaka.
>pierce is pierce and gortat can be anywhere between 1.0 ->
>1.2. I'm tired of his inconsistency.
>hill plays alot of minutes so that'll be good for theo's