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Topic subjectOKP Survivor League Week 7: Race Wars & RIP Radin
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2090467, OKP Survivor League Week 7: Race Wars & RIP Radin
Posted by auragin_boi, Tue Dec-11-12 02:41 PM

1-Coney Island: (14-3, 280.4, 1)
League leader who's been begging for the Race War. Well here it is!

2-CHI:ESL: (12-5, 264, 2)
First 4 race war opponents: Cenario, Shawn, Frank (x2). AkA the 2nd, 5th and highest scoring teams in the league *gulp*

3-Cerritos: (11-6, 265.7, 3)
Radin thought this guy was a cheater...he was right lol

4-Duval County: (10-7, 292.4, 4)
Normally a team with an average this high would be like 15-2 or 16-1 headed into the race war but Franks team volleys REALLY high highs and mediocre scores.

5-East River: (11-6, 266.4, 6)
6pt climp in avg helped contribute to 4-2 mark since last rankings. Still giving Ryan all the comp he can handle for the hubie.

6-Theodesia: (10-7, 263.4, 5)
Tim Duncan found the fountain of youth. I wish he'd share.

7-Hollywood: (11-6, 255.6, 9)
Ran off a nice stretch of W's before falling to SouTex. If Ty comes around and Harden/Hiney's injuries don't hinder too much, might make a formidable race war soldier.

8-South Texas: (9-8, 268.1, 8)
Falls into the race war with the highest White conference Avg. Steph Curry and Ed Davis = BALLIN'. If Dragic gets back on track, might make a run.

9-Villanova: (9-8, 250.8, 12)
5-1 since last rankings. Rondo+Manu+Kemba is looking like the best G tandum in the L.

10-Northeast Regional: (8-9, 256.3, 10)
This guy is playing like a real rookie, not a returning rookie. If you're not going to use Mo Williams right...trade him to me.

11-Motor City: (8-9, 255.2, 7)
I say "Ceejs team does not suck", they run off 4 L's in a row. Jinx much?

12-Springfield: (7-10, 237.7, 14)
Champs started 0-4 but are a respectable 7-6 since. Playoffs here he comes?!?!

13-Washington: (5-12, 247.1, 11)
Kyrie back!!!! Too bad Basa can't get excited about his scores until next thursday (ouch!) in the midst of an L4 at that. Maybe the race war will help.

14-Houston: (5-12, 237.2, 13)
Houston above .500, # of LABeat league post = 19, Houston below .500, # of LABeat post = 4...co-inky-dink? I think not! lol

15-NYC: (4-13, 226.9, 16)
Kevin Love returns and his teams avg jumped a WHOPPING 1.9pts since last rankings! LMAOrookLMAO

16-Brooklyn: (2-15, 232.2, 15)
L14...First time all season I had to move the rook outta 16. If Bynum was back by now like he was supposed to be? Rubio back soon? Will it matter? Boogs, make a trade (don't have to be with me either lol) or you might be doomed to the worst record this year.

As ya'll know, we lost a former friend/foe/family member a few weeks ago so I wanted to pay homage with a few inboxes:

From: radin
Date: Dec 13th 2006
Almost time to make waves, I need my team healthy though

Basa sent me an interesting trade proposal I am thinking about and wanted your advice because I need to meet you in the finals.

He's been going back and forth trying to get Eddy Curry(who I have doubts about for consistency and want to sell high)

The last deal he sent I'm thinking about is:
Curry. Monta Ellis, and Brandon Roy


Allen Iverson, Kevin Martin, and Magloire.

What do you think honestly?
Needless to say I told him to take the deal hahahahha then a week later I got:

I want to get this chilltown thing rolling soon
From: radin
Date: Dec 21st 2006
On some diary room laugh at everyone for the foolish trades they just made to better our teams. I basically got Iverson for Eddie Curry and you got Deron Williams for a declining Okafor. Time flex muscle and make enemies...or at least stir things up.
The plan was to battle it out in the finals, I made it and beat boogs. He quit cuz he was about to swindle Magilla (who proposed a deal that woulda given Radin hands down the best team in the league yet Magilla was damn near out of playoff contention) and the league wouldn't let him. Pretty much the whole reason we have the trade rule guidelines now.

That bit of history is why all of us (past or present) have been important to the league and each other. I know we all go through it from time to time and can get low but in the words of LABeat:

I luh ALL yall niggas like play cousins..if you ever need to talk...i'm always here for yall cats... ANYTIME...

square biz
Kyrie Irving - G, CLE (Basa) (11/20-12/20)
Derrick Rose - G, CHI (Boogs) (11/23-12/23)
Amare Stoudamire - FC, NY (TJT) (11/28-12/28)
Andrew Bogut - C, GSTATE (Ernie) (11/29-12/29)
Danny Granger - F, IND (A_B) (12/7-1/7)