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Topic subject Stealthy Keywords and phrases in sport
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2027368, Stealthy Keywords and phrases in sport
Posted by FireBrand, Fri Aug-31-12 05:16 AM
Names, places, titles in sport that don't need much explanation for someone who's into that niche of sporting world but aren't in the common vernacular / popular conversation.

Like if I walked up to a friend and I said, "Pompano Beach, Florida"

There's only one thing that comes to mind. It's football, it's recruiting. You don't even really know what highschools are there but you know that has to be a hot bed because those three words come up at least a dozen or more times a football season, each football season.

"Lambeau Field" is obvious, right? As are Terrible towels. They're not stealthy. Non sport fans may have heard of those terms.

"The Glades," "The Woodlands," "Howard's Rock," "Cameron Indoor," "The Flats,"

"Christchurch" <-- League Rugby

Them aint obvious. What are some others?