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Topic subjectGeographically specific beefs are fine
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1893601, Geographically specific beefs are fine
Posted by Walleye, Wed Jan-11-12 03:42 PM
>and while i like target field, the fact that they bypassed a
>constitutionally required public referendum to fund it was BS,
>and it appears to be what they are trying to do for the
>vikings as well.

I'll break my rule for a more general comment about the phenomenon of stadium/anti-stadium articles to explain why I'm perfectly happy to hear you complain about it. Even if publicly financed stadiums can be universally understood as terrible ideas, they remain *local* terrible ideas. I don't want to hear somebody in the mid-atlantic area angry at George Steinbrenner or Dan Snyder or whoever wave his hands and fart at Twins fans for enjoying their awesome new park. But subsidiarity demands that I should listen to Minnesotans (including Twins fans) who want to complain about the eminent domain process by which the Target Field land was seized or skipping the referendum or the additional parking problems in that part of downtown or whatever.

You've got my full support, even when I'm not supporting you.