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Topic subjectSo it all boils down to this...
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1878244, So it all boils down to this...
Posted by LegacyNS, Wed Dec-21-11 05:24 PM
Welp, here we are again. Late in the season with our good buddy Tony who has a chance to exercise his demons.. (not exorcise, exercise... don't make we slap you on the rest... )

Now, for the record Romo has been pretty damn good in December this year but we have a 1-2 record to show for it..

72/103 69.9% 869 yds, 9 TDs(1 Rushing), 0 INTs, 1 FumL....

Much like Deion, I've been a very harsh critic of Romo because I understand what type of QB play is required to win a Superbowl. Well, here's Romo's chance to make his mark..

Win vs Philly, Win @NYG, win the division, get to at least the NFC title game... If he does that I'm all in. I wearing a Romo jersey..

Now is the D gonna be perfect? No. Garrett? No. Special Team? No. Sometimes you have to overcome *some* of those things. Hell, Romo doesn't even have to be perfect if he doesn't a Eli vs us a few or so ago.

So let's see what happens..

<---- 5....

Occupy Big Government..

Fannie, Freddie dole out big bonuses