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Topic subjectOh I'm not saying Garrett is blameless..
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1871510, Oh I'm not saying Garrett is blameless..
Posted by LegacyNS, Tue Dec-13-11 04:01 AM
I upped this post with a comment about Garrett not Romo.. And I clearly said of all the losses, the Garrett loss was by far the worst. At least Romo is out there playing & trying to make plays. You can't have an error like Garrett did vs Arizona from the sidelines. You just can't. Then Garrett gives Coughlin the blueprint on how to freeze out kicker.

When I'm talking about Romo I'm talking about what HE can control. He could have won that game yesterday & he missed the one play to seal the deal. He made that play vs San Fran earlier this season. However, as I was saying then it's great but I need to see it in WHEN IT MATTERS MOST.

Season on the line. Division on the line. He didn't make the play.

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Occupy Big Government..

Fannie, Freddie dole out big bonuses