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1871344, Nah I know
Posted by Organ, Mon Dec-12-11 08:01 PM
I'm not going at you or anyone specifically, just stating things
I get where you are coming from

Eli did do what he needed to win, but the end result should have been him making a game losing mistake

That pick to Lee and the score after should have sealed the game
That should have been it
He lost (I know he didn't, but any other team other than pathetic Cowboys he lost)

Romo didn't throw the pick
He took advantage of the one damn thing the D did do right and gave a 12 pt cushion

A lot of games that Romo is in and loses I usually find myself saying "It shouldn't have come to that"

It's like a boxer being up like 11 rounds
He didn't lose 1 round
The crowd knows it, the other guy's corner knows it
All of the sudden, he gets knocked out in the 12th under the advice of his corner telling him that he is losing and he needs to go for broke and land a flash knockout
I swear, our losses ARE THAT BAD
I even know the analogy is the most stupid and far fetched thing ever, but, it REALLY IS THAT STUPID AND BAD

Just look this year
27 - 3
We get the ball punt, stop Det they punt
Around the 10 min mark
And we pass on 1st and 10
Almost every possession for the rest of the game Garrett made bad calls

Yeah, Romo lost the game, but he won that game earlier
It was over

He won that Giants game
He won it

It's so ridiculous
He got in position to win the Zona game
Garrett calls timeout

On the road we could have beat NE
I was at that game (which doesn't mean shit just saying I was there and got to witness the ridiculousness)
We can put them away Garrett runs 3 straight times

We should be yelling at Garrett man
Spread shotguns on 3rd and 1 when the running game avg like 6ypc
This is so dumb
I can't get mad at Romo this year

>to win the game in spite of the D letting him down & he
>didn't get it done. Eli was in the exact same situation. He
>was up 22-20 & the Giants D shit the bed & gave up 2 long
>passes on 2 drives that lead to a 34-22 lead for us. Eli made
>all the plays to bring the Giants back. Romo missed the play
>to seal the deal.
>It's not fair but that's life as a QB especially for a
>franchise like Dallas.
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>Occupy Big Government..
>Fannie, Freddie dole out big bonuses