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Topic subjectDon't bother Organ, it's a fucking pointless argument
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1871340, Don't bother Organ, it's a fucking pointless argument
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Mon Dec-12-11 07:55 PM
Anyone who doesn't understand how hard it is to come
by Romo's level of talent at QB lacks some serious brain
cells when it comes to football. You don't just ditch
the guy who's saved your franchise from a ten year funk
and HOPE/PRAY the next Staubach-Brady-Montana will just
strut into town and replace him. It's fucking delusional
and demonstrates a clear lack of understanding regarding
how football and the NFL works.

It's even more disturbing to think we should WASTE a first
round draft pick on the QB position when we are (a) seriously
bleeding in critical spots on defense and (b) have a cultural
and organizational problems on this ENTIRE team that keeps
us from taking the next step.

I think it's very important to note that over the last 2
years, the vast majority of games the Cowboys have played
have been won or lost by less than a TD. This has very
little to do with who is throwing the ball and a ton to
do with game planning, time management, defense making
plays, and aggression in play calling. Yes, elite QBs win
close games (they often lose too) but I'd be hard pressed
to find an elite QB that has been put in the situations that
Tony had last night nearly as often.