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Topic subjectThe problem is the head coach's playcalling
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1823163, The problem is the head coach's playcalling
Posted by Organ, Mon Oct-03-11 04:43 PM
When Romo and the offense does enough to get a lead/win he needs to change the gameplan and get more conservative

Not saying he needs to play not to lose but this is ridiculous
The defense has proven that they can stop teams
Garrett is psyching himself out/outcoaching himself

Teams that are losing by a good amount in the 2nd half may as well just play coverage and not even acknowledge the run because they know eventually that Garrett is going to get cute and pass when he shouldn't
Just keep disguising coverage because sooner or later, with the lead, Garrett will have Romo chuck it up there on 2nd and 3 with the clock running

>>The fact is regardless of the circumstances, you're not
>>winning w/ a QB that's an undisciplined, mistake prone choke
>And Romo has been far better in his first 5 years than
>Bradshaw was. But see the Steelers were about becoming the
>best team they could be instead of just expecting a QB to take
>them to the promise land. They did the same thing with
>Roethlisberger decades later and it paid big dividends.
>The way to approach this is to work on improving your running
>game and defense so Romo isn't put in some of the positions
>the team keeps putting him in. No doubt he's done some dumb
>ass shit during his career but the solution to all of this is
>to look at this as a team problem and address it as such.
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