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Topic subjectDawg, you're flying off the handle and being an irrational twat.
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1823031, Dawg, you're flying off the handle and being an irrational twat.
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Mon Oct-03-11 01:47 PM
You're talking about superbowls and I'm talking about
dealing with what we have. In terms of "what we have",
our current situation -- FOR BETTER OR WORSE -- is our
best shot at contending for a championship. If we get
rid of Romo, we're looking at another 5 years of
mediocrity at best UNLESS we hit double zero on the
roulette wheel and get lucky like Green Bay did with
Rodgers. So chill with the catty shit.

Do I think Romo has the ability to win a superbowl
under the right conditions? Absolutely.

Do I think the Cowboys will win one with him as our
QB? Yes, but only if we get all our pieces on offense
together -- including coaching.

Let's also not forget that Romo's asked to do EVERYTHING
in this offense. He's not Kobe Bryant but they want him
to take the last shot all the time. If we had a half
decent run game, we'd be talking differently about all
this. Shit, Aikman sure is hell wouldn't have won shit
without that monstrous line and Emmitt. That's not even
a stretch to say.