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Topic subjectit was three picks but who's counting
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1822930, it was three picks but who's counting
Posted by Bombastic, Mon Oct-03-11 11:52 AM
>Now I know you don't give Tony a pass per say but this the
>kind of shit people who are giving him a pass are saying so
>let's look @ this in context.
>1> The Cowboys offense was destroying the Lions D. There was
>no reason to think that it wouldn't continue whether you're
>calling run or pass plays. The ONLY reason you see this as an
>issue in hindsight is because the choker choked away the game,
>2> The Lions have an EXTREMELY explosive offense. We held them
>to 3 point in the 1st half but there's no reason to think we'd
>hold them to 3 for entire game. With Calvin Johnson out there,
>it only takes on big play for 7 points to be put on the board
>(which was on display later in the game).
>3> Last week, the Lions were down 20-0 @ Minnesota @ the half
>and came back and won the game. Garrett was fully aware of
>this & thought he needed to keep the foot on the pedal. I
>don't disagree with him.
>So yeah, we can quibble about a play call or two. I've
>criticized Garrett for his questionable play calling @ times
>just like I've criticized Romo for being a choke artist.
>However, regardless of the play call players have to execute
>the plays. You're paying Tony Romo a SHITLOAD of money to make
>the right play. If you're at the point where you're saying
>"you know what he is" & you have to call plays to protect your
>team from your QBs mistakes, aren't you kind of admitting you
>don't have the right QB?
>I mean we're saying it in so many way w/o realizing that's
>we're saying it...
><---- 5....