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Topic subject^ the kind of biased hindsight 2-pick Tony defenders are left with ^
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1822732, ^ the kind of biased hindsight 2-pick Tony defenders are left with ^
Posted by LegacyNS, Mon Oct-03-11 06:45 AM
Now I know you don't give Tony a pass per say but this the kind of shit people who are giving him a pass are saying so let's look @ this in context.

1> The Cowboys offense was destroying the Lions D. There was no reason to think that it wouldn't continue whether you're calling run or pass plays. The ONLY reason you see this as an issue in hindsight is because the choker choked away the game, again.

2> The Lions have an EXTREMELY explosive offense. We held them to 3 point in the 1st half but there's no reason to think we'd hold them to 3 for entire game. With Calvin Johnson out there, it only takes on big play for 7 points to be put on the board (which was on display later in the game).

3> Last week, the Lions were down 20-0 @ Minnesota @ the half and came back and won the game. Garrett was fully aware of this & thought he needed to keep the foot on the pedal. I don't disagree with him.

So yeah, we can quibble about a play call or two. I've criticized Garrett for his questionable play calling @ times just like I've criticized Romo for being a choke artist. However, regardless of the play call players have to execute the plays. You're paying Tony Romo a SHITLOAD of money to make the right play. If you're at the point where you're saying "you know what he is" & you have to call plays to protect your team from your QBs mistakes, aren't you kind of admitting you don't have the right QB?

I mean we're saying it in so many way w/o realizing that's we're saying it...

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