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Topic subjectthe more i think about this
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1822650, the more i think about this
Posted by beeazy, Sun Oct-02-11 11:02 PM
the more blame I start to give garret, a good coach plays to there players and teams strength and weaknesses. I mean whats so hard about letting romo do his thing in the first half to get a lead then reining him in BIG TIME by being very picky with the pass plays your calling for him, knowing hes mistake pron in certain situations......

lets face it if were down in the 4th quarter of a game theres not many qbs id rather have to try and bring us back. At the same time if were nursing a lead romo is at the bottom of the list for guys I want THROWING the ball. But WHY does garret have him throwing up 24 or whatever it was???? Romo made the mistakes and gets the blame for sure but he is what he is..... I think we can win with him if we play right.

makes me wish we had a proven coach/leader ie cowher, chucky, dungy.