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Topic subjectI can agree with this.
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1822094, I can agree with this.
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Oct-02-11 04:01 PM
I'm actually low-key a Romo defender. In 2009, when McNabb was on his way out, the O-Line was turning into shit, and it seemed like Kolb was going to be the QB of the future... I thought it was only a matter of time before Romo lead the Cowboys into the juggernaut that they were touted to be.

from the second he took over for Bledsoe I knew the Cowboys had a franchise QB, and it made me sick.

but ... the Cowboys (as an org) are making the same mistakes that are sinking the Eagles. Plus Romo's "Favrian" qualities don't help..

but I don't see the Cowboys being in a situation that would allow them to acquire someone BETTER. Unless somehow they ditch Romo and sign Vince after this season