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Topic subjectIntro- Do people still drop bars???
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94460, Intro- Do people still drop bars???
Posted by Cali_Love, Fri Dec-25-20 01:39 PM
I'm killin people with bad habits/
I'm back in this rapid traffic/
I'm strapped and I'm wrapped for action/
I'm stacked, with a sac who's askin/
I go, so hard I'm crashin/
react like a mad assassain/
I'm slashin this rap my passion/
old fashioned so I put some hash in/
I'm mackin instead of clappin/
I'm back in this world of plastic/
I'm matchin for what you rappin/
I'm rapped in so much I'm laughin/
I'm grabbin for what you grabbin/
I'm passin this blunt so have it/
Back at it but now I'm blastin/
See flashes of me in tragic/
got me backin up like static/
Surrounded with raw talent/
See vultures with long talons/
Just cause I'm dippin on the scene don't mean I'm fallin off balance

1st time back in 15 years. let me know what yall think
94486, RE: Intro- Do people still drop bars???
Posted by cousin, Sat Jan-16-21 10:29 AM
Dope. Yea its good to pop up every now and then to keep bars relevant. Scared to see what'll be considered hip-hop 10/20 years from now. Stay up.