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Topic subjectlive lyrics from the bank of reality
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94034, live lyrics from the bank of reality
Posted by c71, Mon Jul-08-19 05:51 AM
kinetic rhymes frenetic hit like antiseptic

corrective from a certain perspective taking electives

to complete degrees like Ivy league fatigue brings meager

rewards some applaud others have the gall to be appalled

just a small segment compared to the extent you to went

to appear relevant I can't just give up when life abruptly

halts in the tracks raps not exactly counteracting

what's lacking impact compared to those who dare

stop and stare yet the vision is out of focus locate

the highest prize imaginable seems tangible hold a candle

to certain who been ran through in a certain industry

sort of like a blemish not for the famished modus operandi

can I live like Carter? Seem smart to inquire those who require

my desire to ascertain what could remain for those who refrain

can't explain yet I'll try not like the others who question why?