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Topic subjectAnd it's cool to look bummy and be a dumb dummy...
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94033, And it's cool to look bummy and be a dumb dummy...
Posted by c71, Sat Jul-06-19 05:00 AM
this is for my people this style has no equal

come against all claims of free will to instill

fortitude to restore for you and yours format the rhymes

like Erick flip into hysterics like Bismark and Backspin

my raps seem haphazard rather than deliberate not even a little bit

get with creative madness captured in a blink for those who think

this sinks to the depths when you catch feelings

appeal to the top-tier with superior wordplay

another foray towards award tours open doors

style wars and all of that Black business

mental vision kicks in for the tricks of the trade

best laid plans command respect inject a concept

to deflect pests who suggest less than what I reject

stage is set for in depth exploration pays when

Trends of Culture did off and on there it is

you could ask Giz