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Topic subjectYou seek and search but still you can't find...
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94032, You seek and search but still you can't find...
Posted by c71, Fri Jul-05-19 08:11 AM
Mental energy replenished not by a quick fix

not from the 6 like Aubrey Drake

rhymes take time to marinate

considered great by the results of debate

inflate the profits to no object select the terms

brothers be talking about conderms or condos dissension arose

among those who could have been chosen

frozen in place due to a distasteful display of arrogance

planted firmly to discern how the world turns Hard to Earn like Keithy

beneath the surface we find the Genius composing seamless verses

interspersed with imagery as a continuation amazed from the early days

rhyme pays and power by Ice-T suffice it to say I write paragraphs

along the pathways established interwoven in the fabric like static

cling Dynasty comparable to Ming hinging on the outcome

shout outs to those about to create off-kilter expressions that call

into question strange excursions into blurry vision