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Topic subjectI write rhymes and insert 'em inside your brain
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94031, I write rhymes and insert 'em inside your brain
Posted by c71, Thu Jul-04-19 05:38 AM
time for an update to get facts straight

waited for opportune while some claimed "too soon"

"Spoonman" like Soundgarden as I put my heart in

lyrics composed conjecture like a lecture that caused sleep

think back to when you didn't have to fit a round peg

into a square hole as life unfolds awkward talk

causes some to balk at the attempt where the passion went

because it left anyone's guess empty shell collecting dust

it's a must like family heirlooms handed down through the ages

stages of acceptance reluctantly put up with notwithstanding

a reprimand from vandals who dismantle like Channel Live

thrive in an environment where one can aspire tired of

stale scraps capped off with a swift kick to transmit ridicule

to certain individuals pitiful rookerful like Alex and Dim speaking

Nadsat when dissension arose from Sweet Molly Malone