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Topic subjectElectric slide - aside. 5 boroughs is the way I come thorough
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94030, Electric slide - aside. 5 boroughs is the way I come thorough
Posted by c71, Wed Jul-03-19 04:38 PM
take umbrage due to humble beginnings

within these underpinnings a slim chance

avoidance maneuvers supersede what you're feeding off

lost amongst the remains disdain for the days of change

plain sight within the night watches not for the faint

paint rainbows and butterflies to symbolize the rise

denied when you tried to rely so you reply

like circles continue to revolve try to solve problems

involved in creative journeys like Turning Point and Wide Awake

your mistake like AF what's left within the context?

mild suggestions lead to the destination ahead

backpeddling on exaggerations that leave us caged in

stage right as we take flight not quite there yet

regrets connect us as we set forth change course

legendary divorce fits the discourse

for better or worse searches for terra firma