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Topic subjectTamir in Two Seconds
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94026, Tamir in Two Seconds
Posted by ToeJam, Fri Jun-28-19 08:30 PM
Tamir Rice would have turned 19 this week.

Tamir Rice was a 12 y/o boy
Who loved sports and art
Who's life in 2 seconds
Was torn apart
Tamir did something
Every boy has done
Went outside to play
With a pellet gun
The only difference was
His melanin skin
It's why the doubt doesn't
Benefit him

How can you tell what's a true weapon
In two seconds
All you can do is make huge messes

But the truth they're conveniently forgetting
Is that it's black bodies they perceive as the weapons
It's with black skin
They hold suspection

The police shift their stories automatically
Like the gears of their cruisers
Gaslight grand juries like domestic abusers
It seemed like a quick moment
That so quickly passes
But it's not just two seconds
In which injustice happens

I hope you are picking up the pattern
Of why we have to say "Black Lives Matter"