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Topic subjectSlumpy slouching is something I won't do
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94024, Slumpy slouching is something I won't do
Posted by c71, Thu Jun-27-19 03:51 AM
to get a clear view renew membership

some slip while dipping and diving

while I'm alive I surmise but am not surprised

for the wise never hide behind what we can't find

I'm reminded of a tall tale when others fail

can't see what would really be the ultimate

things that I've tried to get

let me off the hook while I look for a few pathways

favorite pastimes detailed in rhymes of mine seem like

things I rewrite twice as it suffices

prices far above what would be assumed gave room

Temple of the Boom by Cypress these things enlighten us

could be a must that I comply though why should I dignify

that with a response a second chance is all that I ask

to engage the task mimic the wino with the silver flask

Everybody plays the mime as I find JF*E to be the epitome