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Topic subjectSee how it sounds? a little unrational
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94023, See how it sounds? a little unrational
Posted by c71, Wed Jun-26-19 05:26 AM
passion brought forth endorsed without reservations

plays against type rhymes recite when at the heights

urban blight not quite a factor when it matters

lives in tatters capture the snapshot ill gotten gains

stained with the aftertaste erased cases by case

racing towards the hilt rhymes built on a foundation

ranting and raving constantly till exhaustion overtakes

little earthquakes like Tori Amos made famous due to shameless

antics squarely planted on front street under the guise of

discreet digressions off the path approved for a move

into dangerous terrain names claimed for entertainment purposes

surface in various permutations feeding off the chatter

that grabs attention question and answer sessions attest

we accept those of stature as we gather birds of a feather

connect check all aspects then reject the dross

comes at a cost in the grand scheme and it ain't a dream

things ain't always what they seem......