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Topic subjectThis goes on and on, Shy: everybody doin' their own thing....
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94021, This goes on and on, Shy: everybody doin' their own thing....
Posted by c71, Mon Jun-24-19 04:19 AM
I bring words inferred across boundaries

compounded with significant intrinsic value

how can one begin to attend to creative work?

Insert the data, Blastmaster: knowledge reigns supreme

as if we were subject to a scheme

it seems odd this rhyme is fodder for dissection

past the point of perfection, I question

the objections, lyrics like confection - sweet yet

this is the part that gets misconstrued, like newlyweds

looking forward to life in spite of le differance

as if I were from France I got ants in my pants

and I need to dance, but this is not the desperation

of a man who shot his best shot and still came up empty

full of resentment eventually he starts complaining

but the situation remains celibate I celebrate

coming out the gate with words that inflate wealth

'cause no one else combines humor with strange allusions

infuse each paragraph with clever imagery the synergy

continues along well defined parameters

my grammar evokes a land rife with chaos

tossed to and fro far below the normal

conform to the new status as we impact

retract statements to counteract

counterfactual antics lack actual practicality

Mallory from Family Ties through galaxies (Justine Bateman)