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Topic subjectAn experience from someone so ill it's terminal
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94018, An experience from someone so ill it's terminal
Posted by SynsCei, Fri Jun-21-19 10:09 PM
How do I know if I'm boxed in
when the feeling has no corners
Will I remember
When the medicine is supposed to sharpen...
Still I nail claws
To grasp
Guess I'll wonder
The dose
it takes to carry a tune
If it carries more weight
than miliigrams
I'd rather forget the script
To enjoy the daylight
The need to fight
than keep my eyelids open
if my existance exists in a sentence
I'll sum it up as this:
Remember, the feeling of flight
Where clouds whisper and their grace
is a platform to get closer to skies
Now bring that death
I missed the days that would've helped to
savor more breaths
now I collect the memories
that help me inject this
beautiful nonsense
and keep a nuance of hip hop infected
even when tears are literally filling within this concept
Let's just try to enjoy
Like innocence
Like when watching a little brother hit a groundball single
Like when eyes to the backseat mirror can't catch
enough beautiful glimpses
Like when laughter that's not your own
has you laughing louder because they
find something funnier than you'll never know
Fuck a format, my life is outside boundaries
that's been enough prescribed
So when I go out, know
I love the notion of love and it's concept
I say all this before that ammonia collects
corrupts and causes me to forget