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Topic subjectRaw with the fat included
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94017, Raw with the fat included
Posted by SynsCei, Fri Jun-21-19 05:13 PM
If I let go would I come back
Will I remember how to carve
My escape
The puddle is watered down
Room temperature water
Floats a soul
The island without sound
Echoes replay
Tears only drip
When not looking up
I wall of notions
Space is closing in
It’s the experience
Of a submerged breath
Where eyelids provide the stars
Red and white
Dizzying effects
Another liter or two
And the aspect to collect
Squeezes a smile
Fuck memories that lurk to fill and raise depths
Thinking slower in hopes the world turns faster
Gravity holds me down
But above ground
Every trench dug
Is a fortress I try to conquer
No movement
The veins pulsate
Seeking heartbeats
To push a life another second
If my heart aches
Is that a feeling
I’d rather fast forward
Where the winds in a shell
Provide the sound
Clouds want to be a part of
Swaying in the distance
Is a twinkle of when I experienced
Love that elevated air
Allowing footprints to stair over eye level stares