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Topic subjectmaybe
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93980, maybe
Posted by PG, Thu May-30-19 09:08 PM
there were words able
to perform resurrection
have we forgot them?
93990, nikki
Posted by PG, Thu Jun-06-19 04:23 PM
summer keeps coming
year after year after year
I miss you my dear
93991, Waiting
Posted by SynsCei, Fri Jun-07-19 02:04 PM
My man... I've been lurking so long, I too, wonder where these boards have gone.

Provide a slice of your writtens... it'll be more than welcoming to wonder about another's thought process.
93996, maybe.. just trying to dust off and get in that mode
Posted by PG, Mon Jun-10-19 04:06 PM
I'll try and check some more of yours out... and either write more or maybe dig some old stuff out.
94000, RE: maybe.. just trying to dust off and get in that mode
Posted by SynsCei, Tue Jun-11-19 06:44 PM
You got it my dude...I just posted.

It's only two but they came within the last 4 months, despite my post saying 1 yr / 1 yr and half. I had planned to post more, but didn't want to saturate.

I'll post more later.

93997, love
Posted by PG, Mon Jun-10-19 04:09 PM
the fire has gone out
now only embers remain
better for cooking!
94001, RE: love
Posted by SynsCei, Tue Jun-11-19 06:46 PM
>the fire has gone out
>now only embers remain
>better for cooking!

But never rare
Even the medium
So us odd ones can stare
And ensure to ensnare
this shit called hip hop
isn't gone but being drawn up in lairs
94012, shhh
Posted by PG, Wed Jun-19-19 03:53 PM
blood on the ceiling
must be from that time when we...
oh right nevermind
94015, RE: shhh
Posted by SynsCei, Fri Jun-21-19 04:59 PM
>blood on the ceiling
>must be from that time when we...
>oh right nevermind

Forgot about those times
When wordplay was a treasure
now the clever is often over looked
so long as a rhyme glitters
How's that for a mind bender
Bent it too much
Now the ceiling needs to be re-touched
Often when I send
Their response, is to look up
But the prayer isn't prayer
When the slayer hasn't even let loose
Wondering how to experiment
when their doctor's name is Seuss

***side note: this is all a keystyle as I assume you're doing the same. Whether it's on purpose or not, love the setup with the softball tosses to get at some bars in hopes to ignite.

****still waiting for you to sit back, collect, and demolish as that's what I'm expecting. Just basing this off of your comments about not being at it for a while, finding time, dust off, etc...