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Topic subjectno car and I rode this bus
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89372, no car and I rode this bus
Posted by candyjarre, Wed Aug-10-11 02:26 AM
....had on my earplugs' it means I'm in my own zone, do not disturb
my bus arrives and the driver grins

I put my card in'paid my fare
he speaks

I have on my earplugs and I paid the fare
what could be said to me from thie grinning driver

I pause my favorite jazz song to hear this
disgusting fool say "can I park my bus in your garage?"
what does that mean????

and his grin afterwards

I thought to smack him, but
if you hit a driver you can
be arrested

sometimes they ask for it
and now I must get my car
out of the shop before I
remove my earplugs again