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Topic subjectBaby from the dead abortionless
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89366, Baby from the dead abortionless
Posted by Babynoon, Mon Aug-08-11 11:28 PM
The man who has
pregnated my deaded
soul to return again
here and there
from the kill of
reading out loud
anything at all

Such writers
show others how
or why 'people need people'

For one I'd say "I hate people"
and did not want to be bothered
by any one at all:moment:before my rebirth
in the waters....

in those hours before my
new out look on life/chapters, but
hey all this is to say

Not to blow your head up lol....
And I'm not the one for marathons
of 'flattery' to hide an untrue emotion

I dig your style of expression
and this piece was masterful
though it was just a little something' I'm sure you'd say haha

I must stop here, though.

Thanks for inspiring
the uninspired*