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Topic subjecttattoos & prescriptions . .
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89180, tattoos & prescriptions . .
Posted by HueyNewton, Wed Jul-13-11 01:49 PM
tattooed prescriptions of skull & bones from visual artists &
cool azz senators . .
got stories INKED into skin, no sin!
only midnight fairytales . .

"Please don't play that song again!"
he paints ANGELS like Michael, tattooed prescriptions got it
tatted on his chest, westcoast nigga!

"Will somebody cut that music down!"
Oh, man he proposed to her, she accepted like tattooed
wedding bands, two fingers!

1 mo' time they got the INK painted in the skin . .
"Yo, headz like us don't listen to the radio!"

criminaL, judge, attorney, case, tattooed prescriptions of
famed addictions and biblical scriptures, men drinkin' brandy!
"Can you please cut down that damn music!"

Mama's Boy tattooed on his neck, Daddy's Girl tatted on her arm
like Miami beach, he plays jazz too . .

*he puts the pen down by the pad inside HIS cell, yet another
prison night . . tattooed prescriptions

lifE imitates art